Pursue the Clues

Pursue the Clues offers live, interactive experiences in Torrington, Connecticut. You and your group will have 60 minutes to use critical thinking and teamwork to accomplish a common goal. Bookings are available to the public on weekends and for private groups/corporate bookings on weekdays.


Pursue the Clues is the ultimate corporate outing. Whether you are looking for a team-building activity to boost productivity or a fun day out of the office to increase morale, we will coordinate an engaging and unique event suited for your needs. Each of our one-of-a-kind, interactive experiences will keep your team engaged with their environment and with one another. It is impossible to succeed unless everyone works together. All corporate events also include a team-building session led by an organizational communication specialist; this session is designed to improve team cohesiveness both during the event and in the workplace. Upon completion, your employees will return to the office with valuable takeaways, both material and mental.

Please Note: Corporate groups also have the option to book one of our Private Party Packages, which are a scaled down version of the Corporate Packages detailed below.

Included in all packages

Team Building

 For businesses looking for a corporate outing or team-building activity, Pursue the Clues offers more than a traditional escape room or room escape game. Employees will participate in a professional team-building session before playing through an experience, which is a team-building activity all it's own!

In addition to playing through one (or more) of our completely original experiences, we will assess your party's needs when booking to plan an itinerary accordingly. Based on that assessment, we will center your event on either conflict resolution, goal setting, or team bonding.

Game Time

 Typically, escape room and room escape game experiences offer only their game as a means for your group to enjoy themselves during a corporate booking. At Pursue the Clues, you'll have full use of our entire space during your event. There are 1000s of games to play, a green screen to be used as a photo-booth, and dozens of board games to enjoy.

Throughout your event there may be downtime while other party members are still playing through an experience. During this time, please take advantage of our ever-growing collection of board games or the 1000s of games we have available to play in our lobby (choose from Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, or Sega Mega Drive!).

Gifts & Prizes

 Each employee that participates in a corporate outing or team-building activity at Pursue the Clues will receive a corporate gift pack in addition to prizes they will find while playing.

Every employee will receive a corporate gift pack the day of your event. In addition, there are prizes hidden throughout each of our one-of-a-kind, interactive experiences. You might find vouchers for local bars or restaurants, gift cards, tickets, or any other number of prizes. These prizes are random and yours to keep, but only if you find them!


Please note: Prices listed do not include applicable CT taxes.


*Denotes merchandise that is discounted if purchased when booking an event. Merchandise is not discounted on the day of event.


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