A real-Life, interactive experience!

your team Has 60 minutes to win!

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Will we be locked in?

No. You can literally walk out the door at anytime if you need to use the phone, restroom, or if you just don't like having fun. The term "Escape Room" was created when the first real-life businesses of this type designed their games with storylines centered on escaping a room. To beat those games, you would have to literally get out of a room to win. Our storylines will have you solving crime, saving lives, and working undercover, but you are never locked up and you will never need to escape a room to win.

do you Take walk-ins?

No. Our entire staff works on-demand. If there are no bookings in the calendar, it is likely that no one is on-site. You must book by going to our bookings page and making a reservation or by emailing us if you want to request a time that is not available on our calendar. We do not take reservations over the phone.

Do I need a team?

Yes. Each game is designed to be played by a group of 4-6. You need a minimum of 4 to play, and we do not allow more than 6 in a game. This requirements are both due to fire code restrictions, economical reasons, and most importantly to ensure that you and ever member of your team have a great experience.

Is there an age requirement?

At least 1 adult is required for each team although we recommend a minimum of 2. We have had parents bring their infants and toddlers in the game, but ultimately that is your call. Some of our themes can be more geared towards adults, but children LOVE playing these games. The more diverse your team is, the better your experience will be inside the games.


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Private Events


Whether you're interested in an on-site or off-site event, we have you covered! During the week we are exclusively open for private parties and corporate events, and can even have your event catered. Interested in having us come to you? We love bringing our show on the road!