Pursue the Clues

Pursue the Clues offers live, interactive experiences in Torrington, Connecticut. You and your group will have 60 minutes to use critical thinking and teamwork to accomplish a common goal. Bookings are available to the public on weekends and for private groups/corporate bookings on weekdays.

Please see below to book an experience. Click on the one that peaks your interest to see available dates and times to play it. Eventually, there will be 6 total experiences running simultaneously at Pursue the Clues. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up-to-date on our progress as we look to open them!


Contact us via email to request any time slot that is not available on our calendar!


(Even if it's on a weekday!)

Please note, we request that all members of your group arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked experience. Read through our FAQ for all information regarding late arrivals, cancellations, and refunds. Thank you!